How Will You Promote Multimedia Learning in Class?

A growing number of schools and colleges are using multimedia tools to impart education in classes. Teachers believe that multimedia apps help to increase a student's concentration levels and make the process of learning a fun and interesting experience.

Chat Rooms

A number of educational institutions are developing online chat rooms to facilitate internal discussions within the student fraternity, sharing ideas and learning resources via a trusted platform. A teacher can also participate in such chat room discussions to provide valuable guidance to students related to an assignment or a project. In a traditional classroom, a teacher has to divide the time between lectures as well as Q and A sessions. However, it so happens that some of the students are unable to question the teacher because of time constraints. In such cases, an online chat room is of immense help.

You will get the unique opportunity to ask as many questions that you may have and the teacher can instantly give you the answers via a series of chats.

Group Assignments

To foster greater collaboration and team work amongst students, teachers usually decide to give group assignments. Such an assignment needs to be done by a group of students ranging from let's say 5 or 10 in number as selected by the teacher. Within a limited time frame, the group needs to complete the work and take the help of the internet to search for resources and images, as needed.


Many teachers have found an alternative route to address communication issues. They are given the students the option to directly email their queries that needs resolution on an urgent basis. A student can shoot a mail anytime. It becomes much easier for the teachers to quickly reply back with the answers.

Message Boards

Just like a message board (or notice board) as we see hanging outside a classroom, a teacher can create a similar online board. Students can write their thoughts and ideas, questions they want to discuss with others, etc. on the online message board. Such a board can be created within the chat room dashboard or be embedded on the school website.


Students are allowed to watch and download videos that will help them in their learning process. Teachers allocate a specific time for the class to research on interesting educational videos and share the clips within the student teacher. The teacher selects the best video that can be shared or screened with the help of a projector for the entire class to facilitate better understanding of a particular lesson.

Article Source: Jonathan Reynold

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